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Interior Design Services

At Skill Creativity, we offer comprehensive interior design services in Dubai, structured into two stages to ensure every detail meets your vision and requirements.

Stage 1:

Design Development Phase

Our design development phase is where your vision begins to take shape. We collaborate closely with you to ensure every aspect of the interior design reflects your desires and functionality needs.

1. Conceptualization & Design Development

  • Furniture Plan & Layout: Strategically plan the placement of furniture to optimize space and aesthetics.

  • Schematic Drawings & Key Elevations: Develop initial drawings that outline the basic layout and important vertical dimensions of the space.

  • Mood Images: Use inspirational images to set the tone and style of the design.

  • Artwork Selections: Choose art pieces that complement the overall design and reflect your tastes.

2. 3D Stage / Design Development

  • Spatial Optimization: Draft furniture arrangement plans to enhance both the design flow and functional use of space.

  • Functional Aesthetics: Ensure every design element contributes positively to both the look and usability of the space.

  • 3D Renderings: Create detailed 3D visualizations to provide an immersive preview of the proposed designs.

  • Accurate Visual Representations: Ensure all visualizations accurately reflect the planned outcome, allowing for informed decisions.

3. Permanent Finish Specifications

  • Artwork Curation: Selecting unique artworks that aligns with the design theme and your personal preferences.

  • Finish Selections: Finalize choices for wall treatments and fixtures to complete the look.

4. Detailed Working Shop Drawings

  • Technical Plans: Producing detailed plans showing the layout of elements such as doors and materials.

  • Door Schedule & Material Selection: Specify materials that combine aesthetic appeal with durability.

  • Electrical & Woodwork Details: Detail electrical socket placements and custom woodwork requirements.

Stage 2:

Execution Phase

The execution phase focuses on bringing the finalized designs to life. This stage involves:

  • Detailed Implementation: Precisely following the approved designs to transform the space as envisioned.

  • Quality Assurance: Monitoring and managing every aspect of the execution to ensure the highest quality standards.

Project Completion

SC Interior Design
SC Interior Design
SC Interior Design
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